Celebrating Quality Across the Globe!

With the preparations for celebrating ‘World Quality Day’ already on worldwide, I would like to take the opportunity to present some of the initiatives taken by quality organizations around the world. World Quality Day is celebrated worldwide in the month of November.

American Society for Quality, USA:

ASQ as the leader in stimulating Quality worldwide has been very active in promoting world quality day events across the globe since the past three years. Visit their website on World Quality Day and browse through a lot of information, download resources for celebrating WQD in your country or company, see which quality events are being organized across the globe or simply just browse.


4th Continual Improvement Symposium, Dubai: 

This is a major event organized by the Continual Improvement Subgroup of  Dubai Quality Group (DQG) and supported by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai. The Chairman of the Continual Improvement subgroup, Mr. Sunil Thawani has been the driving force behind the continual improvement symposium. He is also the ASQ Country Counselor for UAE. The theme for the symposium is “Improvements big & small; by involving one and all” and involves a host of events including Case Studies, Quality Quiz competition and speeches by World Renowned quality professionals. The event is scheduled for 14th November 2012, Dubai, UAE.

Found a video on the introduction of the World Quality Day by the CI subgroup of Dubai Quality Group.

Note: I had the opportunity to attend last year’s event and I must say it was pretty well organized. I had participated in the Quality Quiz and our team won the Bronze trophy. 😉

3rd Global Quality Summit – ISQ Annual Conference, India:



The Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) thought it best to club their Annual Conference with World Quality day celebrations calling it the 3rd Global Quality Summit. This would be a big two-day event involving some of the biggest names in the Quality profession. Their theme for the event is “Reinventing Quality for Tomorrow’s Challenges”. Conference attendees can also take a few days more to enjoy the cultural and historical aspects of North India during their stay.The summit is scheduled for 26-27 November 2012, New Delhi, India.

Chartered Quality Institute, United Kingdom:

As a quality promoting organization across Europe, the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has accelerated its Quality initiatives across the European continent. This year, they have held a photo competition on the representation of Quality. They have also included promotional materials on their website for organizations and individuals to use. Theme for World Quality week would be “Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage”. Events would be held from 5 – 9 November 2012.

These are some of the many events being organized across the world to celebrate Quality.


About Sam4Quality
Hey, I'm Sameer Chougle and I've been chosen as one of the Influential Voices of ASQ by ASQ. Quite an honor for me, I must say! I generally don't quite write much about me as I believe 'Beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder'. However, for the beauty to show, someone needs to behold me, so. I am currently engaged as a Quality Assurance Unit Head with a leading construction and contracting company in Kuwait. A Chemical engineer by academics, I soon became a passionate advocate of quality, having consulted 9 companies in Kuwait towards QMS certification. Currently, pursuing a Masters program in operations management, I am also a certified QMS, OHSAS Lead Auditor, EMS Internal Auditor and Six Sigma Green Belt. My simplest and most favored quality tool is Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) - it can be applied to ANY process, and I mean any process --> personal, work, academic, anything! I love mentoring my younger colleagues towards quality, and my guess is they love it too! A lot many educative years down the lane, I'd like to be known as a person 'who did quality in everything, for everything and everyone'! Late last year, I was honored by American Society for Quality as one of the ’40 new Voices of Quality’, and published as a featured candidate in their Nov 2011 issue of Quality Progress magazine.

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  1. debashishganguly says:


    Kindly have a see in to your e-mail.

  2. Muthu says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I liked your post on the title “Celebrating Quality Across the Globe!”. It was great to know how World Quality Month/Day was celebrated in Dubai, India, UK. It was nice to see Mr. Sunil Thawani featured on your TV channels. What a great way to promote the event!


  3. Dinesh Kashikar says:

    Seen the videos on the website these are really impresive.thanks

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