Celebrating Quality Across the Globe!

With the preparations for celebrating ‘World Quality Day’ already on worldwide, I would like to take the opportunity to present some of the initiatives taken by quality organizations around the world. World Quality Day is celebrated worldwide in the month of November.

American Society for Quality, USA:

ASQ as the leader in stimulating Quality worldwide has been very active in promoting world quality day events across the globe since the past three years. Visit their website on World Quality Day and browse through a lot of information, download resources for celebrating WQD in your country or company, see which quality events are being organized across the globe or simply just browse.


4th Continual Improvement Symposium, Dubai: 

This is a major event organized by the Continual Improvement Subgroup of  Dubai Quality Group (DQG) and supported by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai. The Chairman of the Continual Improvement subgroup, Mr. Sunil Thawani has been the driving force behind the continual improvement symposium. He is also the ASQ Country Counselor for UAE. The theme for the symposium is “Improvements big & small; by involving one and all” and involves a host of events including Case Studies, Quality Quiz competition and speeches by World Renowned quality professionals. The event is scheduled for 14th November 2012, Dubai, UAE.

Found a video on the introduction of the World Quality Day by the CI subgroup of Dubai Quality Group.

Note: I had the opportunity to attend last year’s event and I must say it was pretty well organized. I had participated in the Quality Quiz and our team won the Bronze trophy. 😉

3rd Global Quality Summit – ISQ Annual Conference, India:



The Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) thought it best to club their Annual Conference with World Quality day celebrations calling it the 3rd Global Quality Summit. This would be a big two-day event involving some of the biggest names in the Quality profession. Their theme for the event is “Reinventing Quality for Tomorrow’s Challenges”. Conference attendees can also take a few days more to enjoy the cultural and historical aspects of North India during their stay.The summit is scheduled for 26-27 November 2012, New Delhi, India.

Chartered Quality Institute, United Kingdom:

As a quality promoting organization across Europe, the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has accelerated its Quality initiatives across the European continent. This year, they have held a photo competition on the representation of Quality. They have also included promotional materials on their website for organizations and individuals to use. Theme for World Quality week would be “Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage”. Events would be held from 5 – 9 November 2012.

These are some of the many events being organized across the world to celebrate Quality.


Feeling the Culture of Quality

Feelings – I believe that’s something I so closely associate with! When you are with your family and friends, your practical approach to life takes a back seat and the emotional quotient takes charge. It’s very natural when you are out of your work place and relaxing at home. Having an emotional quotient in the workplace is something which needs to be worked on. Tremendously. And this requires the simultaneous buildup of feelings of employees within an organization.

Paul Borawski, in his August blog on A View from the Q, presents a ‘feelings and culture’ perspective to quality health in any organization. I’ve always stressed endlessly how senior management goals and objectives play a towering factor in almost all things desired to be quality. Even Culture.

I work in a very money-oriented organization where management emphasis on quality is nearly non-existent. What do you think is the quality culture here? However, thankfully our Quality department (which includes me, of course!) has always thought otherwise and has put sincere, clandestine efforts to continually improve the system in the organization. There, I believe, exist the feelings, the passion to do business, my business. Putting it bluntly – that does not or did not change the culture. For me, culture remains a top management vehicle which carries like-minded professionals on board through imbibing a ‘good to great’ culture of quality. I think low quality-cultured professionals would thrive within high quality-cultured organizations, while a high quality-cultured professional would deteriorate within a low quality cultured organization, especially where his/her efforts go unheard or unnoticed by the responsible management! This is the hard ground reality.

Coming back to Paul’s blog post, there is no dearth of good quality professionals in the world. If the focus is on sustaining an existing quality culture, one of the major criteria for hiring professionals is to gauge the teamwork quotientwithin potential candidates.  One of my best virtues in developing our quality department has been the consistent and persistent emphasis on working as a team. This works wonders for our department and is in my opinion one of the most important criteria for sustainable quality culture within organizations!

Recently, I had been on a flight to Dubai by Emirates Airlines on business class. My jaw dropped at the end of the awesome experience I had on-board. They are the first airline in the world to provide in-flight telecommunications! Their customer service levels speaks volumes of the quality culture built in every aspect, every employee within the organization. This is possible first through strategic alignment of corporate goals by top management to every quality-cultured employee for implementation. Second by working focused towards this goal as a wholesome team, eventually integrating individual performances into overall company results.

Quality culture attributes, though unique to an individual in a certain location, are universally spread within quality professionals around the world. While one cannot hire a candidate with all cultural attributes, a team of unique-attribute professionals hired for a quality oriented organization is what I envision within my own.

Finally, I would like to share histrionics of a professional friend, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, who has dedicated himself to ‘Quality in Education’ through the path of feelings and culture, inculcating them in the future youth of India. I am a fan and follower of this quality human being who is also the recipient of the National Teachers Award 2006.